I have moved from friendster to blogger,then to facebook, then going back to blogger with a new blog, then livejournal because i needed more privacy... then...

to WORDPRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ok.. before you growl at me from being fickle minded... allow me to self-justify my actions...

*clears throat and composes self*

I just couldn't stand the stupid ADS on my blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't need to scare the shit out of myself every time my poor eyes landed on yellowish teeth deserving whitening, or flabby wrinkly stomach deserving flattening or even blinking billboard virus-look-alike stating that I'm the 999,999th winner!!!!!


So, despite loving how simple the functions of LJ are, it is not enough reason for me to compromise on my blogs-should-not-have-nonsense-ads belief.

Besides, wordpress offers privacy settings too, so I'm happy with it.
(only downfall is I have to pay if I wanna customise my theme layout @#$%&)



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p/s. commenting is easier on wordpress too. So no more bashing from a few you-know-who... lol...

before and after

11th October 2009

A fateful and adventurous day.

I decided to shed my half-brunette image (with ugly black roots dominating half of the length of my hair)...

And go back to basics... after 3-4 long years of 'hair moratorium'... and yes, I just invented that collocation... bluek

This could not have happened without the ever brave L, who willingly took on the challenge, and helped me in this $13 transformation (Loreal hair dye was on special!!!)


The new me~

they said I look less Asian wth

they said i look emo and gothic wth

they said i look different wth

i said i couldn't recognize myself at first wth

I said i love my new makeover ;)


Quiet Time...

News of natural disasters has been hitting the media hard for the past two weeks... New Zealand itself, had issued 2 tsunami warning during this period... Besides, with movies such as 2012 (that depicts the world coming to an end on Dec 21, 2012, a prophecy of the Mayan legend) coming out soon, one could not help but wonder whether Armageddon is beyond grasp...

I will not lie, my faith had been slightly shaken as I grew up, sometimes I am even a little intimidated by the radicals and the judgmental in church. I no longer pride myself for having the faith of a child as I become more skeptical about a lot of things and happenings (i do blame that on 'critical thinking' training in tertiary level), and I find myself questioning the essence of my faith and the religions of the world.

Death, eternity, the Judgment Day... Never have I found the relevance of them, as I'm still young, not until recently, when all feels so near to me, as the realization of how small and meek I am, in this universe.

One thing that I never doubted, there is one true God almighty, who has always been faithful to me, and see me through it all.

Anyway, I decided that I needed to get a word from God, today, to help me clarify my doubts, and overcome my unbelief...

Woke up at 7 sharp, and went into the bathroom. Once again, my stupid building had not heated up the water yet and it was just impossible to shower and clean up using icy cold water, when the temperature of the day was 8 celcius degree. Knowing that the water would only start heating up at 9am, and that would mean missing the 8.45am service, I decided to go to the 11am service.

After drinking a glass of milk... my stomach turned so hard... and I ended up in the loo for more than 30 tortureous minutes... I kept telling myself that I got to get myself together no matter how, as I cannot miss church.

And this is when things change...

Heard of the saying 'We can plan our work, but God works our plans'?

After struggling through the stomach pain and putting on my facial routine, I just felt an urge - a tugging urge, to just sit down and have a quiet time, just me and Him, just us...

I have been neglecting my quiet time, other than praying before meals and before I sleep, my bible has only been active during sundays and church events.... T.T

Anyway, i turned on a hillsong album, picked up my bible, my notes, and started going through sermons taken down in the past... and it went on for more than an hour...

It has been so long since I felt excited, brimming with expectation, waiting upon the Word of the Lord...

The first message that realy struck me was...

'God is a still small voice' (1 Kings 19:9-12)
If we only look for God at big spectacular places, we might just miss Him in His own small ways.
We humans, always crave for a miracle, an event, something big, to have our faith reassured. We forget the still small voice, ringing in our hearts, telling us the answers we need but may tend to ignore....... And we complain God being unreal in our lives.....


IMAGE = I'm Ageing
Our image is what we become as we age.
There is no doubt that we live in a world that tries to be God, and many bow down to the image of the world.
So, we should stop following the culture, but create the CULTURE of a Kingdom Image!

Out of the many messages and bibles verses I have engaged in, I was liberated of my doubts.... as I read about submission to God...

James 4:6-7
God resists the proud, but He gives grace to the humble. Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.

Us, as humans, tend to be really proud. We believe we are intelligent creatures, self-dependent, and self-sufficent.

We forget what we have, our knowledge, our skills, our ability to see, touch, taste and learn, are all blessings from the creator. So none of our achievements belong to us... But rather, we were empowered by God and blessed with the means to achieve what we have.

The outcomes of our lack of humility come in many forms.

Firstly, we may face continued conflicts. Because we are proud, and not willing to LET GO of our need to be in control of the situation, we find ourselves keep falling back on the same conflict, unable to move on from there.

Secondly, we may be left with unanswered prayers. Not because He loves us less, but because we either don't pray or we are praying without believing in our own prayer or we are praying with wrong intentions.

Thirdly, we compromised our living, in which I often fell short for.

Fourthly, we lack divine fear, believing that we are invincible.

Armageddon or not, death or living, ETERNITY is our TRUE finish line.

Everything within our grasp, which we could see and feel, are all temporary. The time would come when all these will pass away, and we would be left with eternity. Where we want to spend our eternity, is solely our choice.

There are still many uncertainties and doubts, but I am willing to give myself and my Lord another chance, to know Him more in order to understand, to move from belief to an experience, to have a relationship of trust with Him.


I recommit myself to you, this day. Thank you Lord, for never giving up on me.

1 year 4 month and 15 days of summer

  ' Darling. I don't know how to tell you this, but there's a Chinese family in our bathroom.'

500 days of summer was quite refreshing for me...

Putting aside those american stereotypes and over-dramatization of women's eagerness and men's lack of commitment (The Ugly Truth, He's Not That Into You), but portraying the simple feeling of falling in love and coping with heart break through creative means...

Besides, I totally love the Author's Note in the beginning...


The following is a work of fiction.

Any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

Especially you Jenny Beckman.


hahahahaha.... genius....

APAD 06/10/2009

Because of Con... I thought today was 5th... Had been writing that down on every single handout I received...  @_@


I was pretty on task for the most part of today...

Till 5pm.....

After that, it was quite a stretch...

An example of a non-disruptive off-task behavior during lessons...

Loving the BLING =D

TSHMD2 also equals to LTBLASMWCD ^o^

Today is one of those days when I have to be utterly unproductive.

No joke.

Not because I'm down right lazy (maybe just 13% of possibility) but largely because it is TSHMD2!!!! Short for The Super Horrible Menstrual Day 2....... @_@

Due to my yesterday's revelation, I had to refrain myself from whining like a annoying-baby-who-deserves-nothing-less-than-two-fat-slaps on facebook, twitter, and any other form of self advertising mediums. Instead, I reserved those mood horrors to poor L, taunting L again and again over the phone...Lol...

Anyway, if I have to be optimistic. TSHMD2 also equals to LTBLASMWCD!!!! 

What? How can you not know what is LTBLASMWCD?????

Fine... It's License To Be Lazy And Stuff Myself With Chocolates Day! Remember it well and don't let me repeat myself k...

*shoes, rotten eggs, and useless textbooks were thrown at me*



Let me show off how unproductive my day has been...

1. I was constantly in torment.

2. I took all sorts of medication given by L without a word of complain..(i tend to make a huge fuss when I had to down those ewww tasting drinks, but was too exhausted and in pain to put up a show today...swt)

3. I tried to distract myself from the pain by watching Karei Naru Spy, then Coraline, then tried playing Sorority Life on Facebook, then got hooked for a few hours on it, then switched to yahoo online make over games, then eyes got too tired so tried to nap, then kept getting woken up by text messages (grrrrrr), then got fed up and woke up, then called L to moan, then stuff my face with chocolates, then go browse the internet, then read blogs for a few hours, then watched The Beach, then had bread and cereal drink, then showered, then played Sorority Life again, then typing this crap.........

Both Coraline and The Beach were rather awesome in their own ways. Coraline was actually a recommendation from our early literacy lecturer, and I do agree that it is not a typical children's story, and leaves you thinking. The Beach on the other hand, was rather enthralling as well. However, the critics and its ratings on IMDB would beg to differ, as they felt that the movie was a shallow adaptation of the book. Well, I ain't read the book yet, but I would say it managed to triggered my interest in reading it up!

Sometimes I do felt that movie critics should give the production team a break. Come on, a movie is to be enjoyed, and not to have all its goofs such as the different tattoo position on Leonardo's arm pin-pointed out!!!

Ok... Enough for now, back to Sorority Life ;P

All up to you!

Life can be simpler than you think. It doesn't always have to be dark, manipulative, and a battlefield.

All it takes, is to sit back, stop wallowing, suck up your complains, and start counting your blessings...

Sounds impossible? Well, not really.

C= Complains ; B = Blessings

C: It's raining so terribly and it's supposed to be spring already!!!!!
B: At least we won't have to worry about famine and dryness in the land.

C: I'm having horrible menstrual pain..again... Why oh why is this so unfair????
B: I'm a healthy woman, who is able to have my menstrual cycle.

C: LINGUIST 307 is such a pain in the ass!!!!!!!! Why do I even have to do this stupid assignment?
B: We have been 'paid' to study in this great place called Auckland ;)

C: SHIT SHIT SHIT!!!! Why can't my flatmate not sing at the top of her voice??? Has she even heard herself before???
B: Pheww... at least my flatmate is no psycho-path or murderer, and her hobby is cleaning! What can get better than that?

C: Why can't I have the ability and the ka-ching to shop and doll up as much as I want to?????
B: I am comfortable in whatever I'm wearing, and a happy person is a beautiful person =)

C: Why must I be so clumsy and hurt myself all the time especially before some important performance or when huge responsibility is at stake???
B: I wouldn't have known my ability to push my limits if such circumstances do not occur.

C: Why must I be bonded for 5 years and leave Auckland at the end of this year???????
B: I'm becoming an adult by going through such transitions in life. Shedding off my dreamy and immature self to become better and stronger me!

This is my latest revelation.

To be happy or whiny in life........

Really, it's all up to you =)


special message on a full moon

With such bad weather and cloudy skies, the beautiful full moon is well hidden away...

The streets seem really quiet too...

No candles can be seen, lit around the gardens,

No lanterns hanging on trees and plants,

No children giggling and chasing each other around,

No adults gambling and cheering at a corner...

But God has been great, and blessed me with a family here,

Had a lovely dinner,

Had some lovely mooncakes,

Had some lovely conversations,

Watched Monsters Inc.

Why complain, when I'm more fortunate than many?

... When I'm still breathing and typing this entry, while others are mourning and struggling for their lives,

... When I'm thankful to have my loved ones under the care of God.

News about the natural disasters in Samoa, Indonesia and Taiwan,

Serve as wake up calls,

Remind us to stop wallowing, or dwelling in self-pity,

Be thankful that you and I,

Could still see another day.

Cherish your loved ones when they are still living.

Happy Mid-Autumn~